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The Sweet History Of Sugar Kettles

by briansfurniture |November 2, 2020 | Outdoor, Sugar Kettles

Jesuit priests brought sugarcane into south Louisiana in 1751. After some experimenting with growing sugarcane, a thriving sugar industry was made in Louisiana that continues today. The sugar kettle was born out of necessity and found on the Louisiana sugar plantations. Sugarcane was cooked down in these sugar kettles to produce sugar in a fast and efficient way. If you live in Louisiana, you’ve undoubtedly seen sugar kettles used in our local landscaping and architecture. Sugar kettles are especially evident in the southern cities of Louisiana, like New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Cast Iron

Sugar kettles were used in 19th-century plantations where sugar cane was cooked down to produce sugar in these large iron pots. But this wasn’t a one-hit-wonder, these giant kettles had other uses as well. 

Because they’re typically made out of cast iron, they could withstand the heat. That meant cast iron sugar kettles could produce large amounts of food for the plantation. Eventually, using the sugar kettle to make sugar and food was phased out by other more efficient methods, so other uses were found.


Even though we don’t use sugar kettles to produce, this iconic symbol of Louisiana history has remained prevalent to this day. While the uses for sugar kettles changed, so did the materials used to make them. As sugar kettles transitioned into a more decorative role, fiberglass sugar kettles became a popular option. Because fiberglass is a lot lighter than cast iron, it’s easy to understand why one would choose this option while decorating.

Sugar Kettles Today

Sugar kettles have become an icon of Louisiana design and culture. Take New Orleans for example—they’re everywhere! From planters and fountains to simple estate ornaments, these sugar kettles are used in a variety of creative ways. Can’t wait to get your hands on one? Fret not, Brian’s Furniture has you covered. We have one of the largest selections of sugar kettles in the South!

Our Selection Of Sugar Kettles

With hundreds of Louisiana-style cast iron and fiberglass sugar kettles in stock, we have the largest selection in the South. Our team can even ship them to you if you’re too far away to visit. Our unique Louisiana-style sugar kettles are available from 2′ to 7′ in both cast iron and fiberglass. Wondering how to use them? They make beautiful planters or water fountains in nearly any yard. Or perhaps get your own cast iron kettle for a fire pit. From outdoor products to home furnishings, Brian’s has something for everyone! 

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to call us at 225-346-0896 or fill out a form online. We look forward to providing the right sugar kettle for you.

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