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Brian’s Furniture Gives You an Excellent Mattress Selection and So Much More

by briansfurniture |February 23, 2021 |0 Comments | Blogs, Matresses

Mattresses are an important part of our homes that many of us often take for granted. Because it’s something we use each day, it’s easy to ignore some of the signs that let us know it’s time for a replacement. But, when you get a new, high-quality mattress, you’re likely to notice the difference immediately. Also, switching from an old or inferior mattress to something bigger and better can bring so many benefits. It can provide everything from superior support and cooler temperatures to improved comfort and a better night’s rest. If you’re looking for mattress stores near you in Baton Rouge, it’s time to explore the impressive selection at Brian’s Furniture. Ready to swap out your mattress for something better? Brian’s Furniture offers incredible options at affordable prices. 

Get the Mattress You Deserve

If you’ve been looking for mattress stores in Baton Rouge for your next purchase, the search is over. When you want to take your sleeping experience to the next level, Brian’s Furniture is ready to help. And if you want the crème de la crème, it’s time to explore our Louisiana Collection. 

These mattresses are made with care in the United States and feature stunning craftsmanship. Each one is packed with excellent features to improve your quality of sleep. And they include a 1.5” super-soft quilted layer embellished with golden fleur-de-lis. In addition, they also come with a 10-year limited warranty to help you rest even easier.

Brian’s Furniture Bienville Plush Double-Sided Mattress

From top to bottom, this is a double-sided mattress that has it all. It’s made from natural, soy-based CertiPUR materials. And it offers low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions, promoting healthier air quality in your home. But, the difference you’ll notice from the get-go is the extra-firm Bonnell innerspring. In addition, there’s also the 1.25” super-soft HD foam and the 1.25” convoluted foam. These elements combined make for a mattress that redefines relaxation and comfort. And it’s also designed to keep you cooler at night—perfect for Louisiana weather. The mattress measures 14”, with a foundation measuring 9” and a height of 23”.

Brian’s Furniture Iberville Firm Double-Sided Mattress

This mattress shares many of the great features of the Bienville version. It’s made of soy-based CertiPUR materials. And it also has an extra firm Bonnell innerspring to give you the support you need. But it features 2” of super-firm HD foam, which some sleepers may prefer. And it measures at 13” with a 9” foundation and a height of 22”. Like every product in our Louisiana Collection, the Iberville Firm Double-Sided Mattress is created with the finest quality to provide maximum comfort. So, if you prefer a mattress that provides extra support with additional firmness, this is the one for you.

Looking for Mattress Stores Near You in Baton Rouge? Find Out What a Difference a Mattress From Brian’s Furniture Can Make

When it’s time for a new mattress, you want something that will keep you comfortable for years to come. And our Louisiana Collection provides you with quality choices backed up by a 10-year limited warranty. Additionally, we also offer several other high-quality mattresses that can enhance your sleeping experience. Want to look at our selection yourself? Visit our store in Port Allen. And, if you have any questions, get in touch at 225-346-0896 or send us a message online. We want you to start sleeping better, sooner.

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Cast Iron vs. Cast Aluminum Mailboxes

by briansfurniture |February 2, 2021 |0 Comments | Blogs, Decorative Mailboxes

Many homeowners don’t give a second thought about the type of mailbox they install at their residence. But they should. Choosing the right material and style of mailbox can give your home a certain je ne sais quoi. These custom mailboxes can be made with a variety of materials. And the two most common materials used are cast iron and cast aluminum. Each of these comes with its own set of benefits! That’s why we want to help you understand the difference between the two. Brian’s Furniture has one of the largest selections of mailboxes in the South. Find your own today.

Cast Iron & Steel

Steel mailboxes tend to be very sturdy, which is one reason they work well outdoors. And they’re quite durable, so they tend to last for a long time. Using steel in construction comes with certain drawbacks. And these mailboxes show signs of wear and tear quicker than cast aluminum. Cast iron and steel mailboxes both tend to rust after being exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. And that means more mailbox maintenance. While steel mailboxes will indeed last a long time, they tend to look quite worn after a couple of years.

Cast Aluminum Mailboxes

If you love the style and detail that can be achieved by cast-iron mailboxes, you’re going to be blown away by our selection of cast aluminum mailboxes. Cast aluminum mailboxes are more lightweight than their iron counterparts. And aluminum is also highly malleable, so aluminum mailboxes come in varying shapes, some with very intricate designs. In Louisiana, we are no strangers to humidity. Cast aluminum is an option for homes located in the south as it’s less prone to rust.

We Install and Repair Mailboxes

Brian’s Furniture has the largest selections of cast-aluminum mailboxes in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. Check out our extensive selections that go well with any Louisiana-style home. Let us install your custom mailbox and add the perfect finishing touch to your home. We also offer gold or silver aluminum numbers to install onto mailboxes with address plates. From the best-selling Orleans and Louisiana mailboxes to the unique Uptown Girl and Horsehead mailboxes—choose your favorite style and finish, and let us do the rest! 

The beauty of our cast aluminum mailboxes is that we’re able to repair them. And, if a mailbox is struck by a vehicle, we can repair it at our location in most cases.

Our Selection of Cast Aluminum Mailboxes in Baton Rouge

With a large variety of cast aluminum mailboxes in stock, Brian’s Furniture offers one of the largest selections of cast aluminum mailboxes in Baton Rouge. We even come out to your house and help you install your custom cast iron mailbox. Additionally, our team can even ship them to you if you’re too far away to visit. Our unique selection of cast aluminum mailboxes makes it certain you’ll find a style you will love. From outdoor products to home furnishings, Brian’s has something for everyone! 

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to call us at 225-346-0896 or fill out a form online. We look forward to providing the right cast iron mailbox for you.

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Enjoy the Outdoors Even More With Beautiful Patio Furniture

by briansfurniture |January 4, 2021 |0 Comments | Blogs, Outdoor

There’s nothing quite like the beauty of nature. And that’s especially true when you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own backyard! Whether you’re reading a book or sipping coffee with friends, it’s hard to beat the appeal of being outdoors. When you want patio furniture that enhances the look of your yard, Brian’s Furniture is here to help you. We offer an excellent selection of cast aluminum patio chairs Baton Rouge residents deserve. And, when you buy from Brian’s, you get outdoor furniture featuring quality and beauty that lasts. If you want to add new outdoor furniture to your home or replace what you have, let us help you find something you’ll love.

Bringing Beautiful Cast Aluminum Chairs to Baton Rouge Homes

Sit outside and take in your surroundings with durable and stylish patio seating that enhances your home’s look. We offer a selection of outdoor chairs that can complement nearly any deck or yard. Check out a few of the chairs we provide and see what suits you.

Sun Chair

This uniquely designed cast aluminum patio chair features a charming, smiling sun on the backrest. When you want to spend time getting some sweet vitamin D and basking in the beautiful outdoor weather, this is a perfect choice. And, because it’s cast aluminum, you won’t have to worry about rust running your fun in the sun.

Colonial Chair

This chair’s intricate patterns give it an elegant, timeless look. And the arms curve outward to provide more seating space for a comfier fit. It’s a cast aluminum patio chair that’s perfect for Baton Rouge backyards and porches. And its sturdy design means you can worry less about maintenance and focus on enjoying the outdoors!

Fleur-De-Lis Chair

Our most popular chair brings a distinctive Louisiana style to your home with a large fleur-de-lis is prominently displayed on the back. And the seat features a lovely lattice pattern. Since this chair is also made of cast aluminum, rust won’t spoil the gorgeous design.

The Rose Chair

This complements outdoor gardens perfectly! An elegant vine-like pattern decorates the chair. And scattered roses appear on the seat in addition to large roses on the back. Pair with a Rose Loveseat or Rose End Table for a beautiful floral set.

Heart Chair

Love your time outside? This chair shows it off with gorgeous heart-shaped scrolls along the chair. And the cast aluminum is rust-resistant, keeping it beautiful for years to come. There’s so much to love about this one.

Find the Perfect Patio Furniture You’ve Been Looking for at Brian’s

Want outdoor furniture and chairs that make your backyard feel cozier and more inviting? Trust Brian’s Furniture to help you find exactly what you’ve been looking for. Our outdoor furniture selection gives you so many great options to choose from. And we also provide home furnishings to make your home beautiful inside and out. Give us a call at 225-346-0896 or contact us online. We can’t wait to help you enhance your home’s look.

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How the Right Mailbox Can Elevate Your Home’s Look

by briansfurniture |December 28, 2020 |0 Comments | Blogs, Decorative Mailboxes

For many of us, our mailboxes are an essential part of everyday life. But just because they’re necessary, that doesn’t mean they can’t look extraordinary. At Brian’s Furniture, we offer an incredible selection of decorative mailboxes for Baton Rouge residents who want to enhance their home’s look. Find out what makes our mailboxes stand out from the rest. And discover some of our beautiful options to find the one that’s perfect for your home.

Why a Custom Mailbox From Brian’s Furniture Makes the Difference

There are plenty of mailbox options out there, but most of them won’t do much more than hold your letters. Many are made with thin metal or plastic, and they don’t add a lot to a home’s look. But the decorative mailboxes Brian’s Furniture offers for Baton Rouge homes are anything but typical.

Our mailboxes are made of durable cast aluminum. This means they aren’t just sturdy, they’re also resistant to rust. And each one is artfully designed to deliver charm and elegance to your home. And, with a selection of multiple finishes, you can choose the color that suits your tastes best. There are also options for custom, hand-painted antique finishes for a unique look that can’t be found anywhere else. And your choice of gold or silver aluminum numbers for the address plates can also provide a great aesthetic touch for your mailbox. So you can get the look you want with the strength you need to keep your mail safe.

Let Us Handle the Installation

Once you’ve found the perfect decorative mailbox for your Baton Rouge home, the next step is installing it. But you won’t have to worry about finding your toolbelt for this job. Because Blake The Mailbox Guy specializes in mailbox installation. So you can get it done quickly and safely by a pro with years of experience. 

And, even though our mailboxes are incredibly tough, we understand that sometimes accidents happen. When a vehicle collides with a mailbox, it can take its toll on even the sturdiest among them. But the great part about our custom mailboxes is that we can repair and service them when you need it. This means you can have a beautiful decorative mailbox that continues to enhance your home for many years to come.

Finding the Mailbox That Suits Your Needs

Every home is different. This is why we provide our Baton Rouge customers with a great variety of decorative mailboxes. Learn more about some of the different styles we offer to see which one will work best for you.

  • Standard — This is the perfect choice for those who routinely receive letters and small packages.
  • Double — The double style is a great option for neighbors to share, featuring two stylish mailboxes joined on a single post. 
  • Wall Mount — When you want your mail delivered directly to your door, the wall mount style can meet your needs in one gorgeous and affordable package.
  • Large — Our large decorative mailboxes are an ideal pick for homes that receive packages regularly. Frequent online shoppers, this is the one for you.

There are plenty of unique styles available in-store and on our website. And you can always browse our mailbox selection to find one with the look and features that appeal most to you.

Bringing the Best Decorative Mailboxes to Baton Rouge

At Brian’s Furniture, we are committed to providing you with a decorative mailbox that brings even more beauty to your home. If you have any questions about our products or services, please give us a call at 225-346-0896 or contact us online. We’re always ready to help, from start to finish.

decorative mailboxes baton rouge

What Material of Sugar Kettle Is Right For You?

by briansfurniture |December 22, 2020 |0 Comments | Blogs, Sugar Kettles

It’s no question that sugar kettles are a staple in Louisiana decor. Although the ways we use sugar kettles have changed over the years, the iconic southern symbol has remained. Sugars kettles have been a part of Louisiana history for a long time, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Today, the historic sugar kettle is not used in the production of sugar. However, it can be used in many other ways. They can also be made out of a variety of materials. The most common types of sugar kettles you see today are made from cast iron or fiberglass.

So if you’re looking for sugar kettles in Port Allen, how do you know what material is right for you? The experts at Brian’s Furniture are here with a short “sugar kettle” guide to help you out. So, let’s take a look at the difference between cast iron and fiberglass sugar kettles.

Fiberglass Sugar Kettles

Fiberglass sugar kettles are a light-weight alternative to cast-iron. These sugar kettles have the benefits of being light-weight and versatile. We see fiberglass sugar kettles being used for ponds, fountains, plant potters, and gardens. The light-weight material makes transportation easy and effective. Fiberglass sugar kettles can be used in conjunction with a water pump to turn your garden into a vibrant oasis. You can add fish and other aquatic plants to your sugar kettle pond to bring your landscape to life. The possibilities are endless. 

We recommend you stick with fiberglass if you’re using a sugar kettle for a pond, fountain, or garden planter. Although the cast-iron option can be used for all of these projects—the light-weight and softness of fiberglass makes it easy to cut, shape, or form your sugar kettle to meet your needs. 

Cast Iron Sugar Kettles

Cast iron sugar kettles are more sturdy and durable than their fiberglass counterparts. Cast iron is harder to cut, form, or shape, so you have to have special tools to manipulate the materials. That’s why we see the “DIY” crowd choose fiberglass when their project requires material manipulation. One of the benefits of cast iron sugar kettles is their temperature resistance. Cast iron can withstand high temperatures making it a perfect fire pit or grill.  Throwing in wood and fitting a grill over the top turns your sugar kettle into the perfect outdoor grill. 

Our Selection of Sugar Kettles in Port Allen

With hundreds of Louisiana-style cast-iron and fiberglass sugar kettles in stock, Brian’s Furniture offers the largest selection of sugar kettles in Port Allen. Additionally, our team can even ship them to you if you’re too far away to visit. Our unique Louisiana-style sugar kettles are available from 2′ to 7′ in both cast-iron and fiberglass. From outdoor products to home furnishings, Brian’s has something for everyone! 

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to call us at 225-346-0896 or fill out a form online. We look forward to providing the right sugar kettle for you.

You need affordable patio furniture that also looks great. Find what you need with Brian's Furniture.

Beautiful Patio Furniture That Doesn’t Break the Bank

by briansfurniture |December 2, 2020 |0 Comments | Blogs, Outdoor

With the colder weather finally rolling in, many of us are excited to be spending more time outside. And nothing lets you experience the outdoors like a quality patio furniture set. Want to invite friends over or just relax and enjoy nature? Brian’s Furniture has gorgeous and affordable patio furniture options for you. Find out how you can beautify your pool, yard, or patio without breaking the bank.

Enhance Your Outdoor Look With These Affordable 3-Piece Patio Furniture Sets 

Three-piece sets are perfect for couples who want to spend quality time together. Share a cup of morning coffee while the birds sing in the background. Have a romantic evening meal in the cool breeze. Or even spend hours catching up with an old friend. There are so many great things you can do with a three-piece patio furniture set. 

These options let you enjoy your time outside without pinching your pocketbook. 

The Rosebud Set

Starting at $299, this set has an iconic look that’s perfect for many yards. It perfectly complements smaller patios and balconies. It features a charming rosebud pattern and is made of durable, rust-free cast aluminum.

The Orleans Bistro Set

This set is a true classic. From top to bottom, you’ll get lost in every detail of the gorgeous Orleans design. And, starting at less than $450, it’s the perfect choice for small patios and poolside lounging.

Child’s Zoo Patio Set

Outdoor furniture isn’t just for adults. This quality-crafted set is a great choice for children and grandchildren who love being outside. Featuring a playful design with animals parading around the back, it’s enough to make any kid smile. However, it’s also a nice change from the colorful plastic pieces seen in other yards. Best of all, the price is small to match, with options as low as $249.

Fleur-De-Lis Cafe Set

Classically New Orleans. This set evokes feelings of sipping coffee outside your favorite Crescent City cafe. It features an alluring fleur-de-lis design in rust-resistant cast aluminum. Prices start at $649, so you can save big and let the good times roll.

Our 5-Piece Patio Sets Let You Experience the Outdoors Like Never Before

Want to share your outdoor enjoyment with even more family and friends? Brian’s Furniture has you covered with affordable five-piece patio furniture sets. They’re the ideal choice for small get-togethers and alfresco family meals. Here are a few reasonably priced selections that will wow your guests.

Seasons Patio Set

The Seasons five-piece set takes your outdoor decor to the next level. With a comfortably large table and elegant design, this cast-iron set looks incredible paired with Four Seasons Arm Chairs. With a starting price of $899, it’s an incredible value that enhances the look of any outdoor area.

French Weave Set

This timeless French Weave design is comfortable and classy. It’s versatile and will look great in virtually any patio or yard. Plus, it’s made of rust-free aluminum. So you can spend your time enjoying the outdoors without worrying about maintenance. This stylish set starts at $1,099.

Heart Set

Love spending time with family and friends? This set shows it off with gorgeous heart-shaped scrolls across the table and chairs. And the cast aluminum resists rust, keeping it in pristine condition for years to come. There’s a lot to love about this set, especially the starting price of $999.

Want to Upgrade the Look of Your Home? We’re Here for You

If you’re looking for affordable patio furniture, there’s something for everyone at Brian’s. And we also offer quality home furnishings and outdoor furniture that will make your living space even more beautiful. Give us a call at 225-346-0896 or contact us online. We’ll help you find what you’ve been looking for.

Our location in Port Allen has the sugar kettles you need. Discover more with Brian's Furniture.

3 Ways To Use Your Sugar Kettles

by briansfurniture |November 30, 2020 |0 Comments | Blogs, Sugar Kettles

Sugar kettles are, without a doubt, an iconic relic of Louisiana’s history. Now found commonplace in Southern decor, sugar kettles are being used for a variety of purposes. The Sugar Kettle experts at Brian’s Furniture wanted to share some outdoor ideas to help make your landscape pop. Let’s take a look at just how versatile decorating your outdoor area with sugar kettles can be!

A Beautiful Fountain 

A water feature adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to any landscape or garden. And sugar kettle fountains are a beautiful and easy way to transform your outdoor area. The most simple way to install a fountain is just by using a sugar kettle and water pump. We offer many different style fountains, ranging from simple sprinkler fountains to beautiful bronze bird fountains. Whatever look you’re trying to achieve for your sugar kettle fountain, Brian’s Furniture has many options for you.

A Stylish Fire Pit

A cast iron sugar kettle fire pit is a stylish addition to any outside area. And luckily, transforming your sugar kettle into a firepit is a breeze. The heavy cast iron bowl works perfectly as an instant and beautiful fire pit. Although, you might want to add some small holes at the bottom of the sugar kettle to allow for rainwater drainage. This also helps with ash disposal when washing your sugar kettle fire pit out. We have a large selection of sizes that’ll fit your every need. Creating your own outdoor fire pit area is as simple as setting up some chairs around your brand new sugar kettle fire pit. Grab your blankets and enjoy the crisp nights around a warm fire with your friends and family. 

A Louisiana-style Planter

Possibly the most simple use for a sugar kettle is converting it into a planter. Whether you opt for the fiberglass or cast iron sugar kettle, simply drill a drain hole in the bottom and you’re ready to plant! The beautiful pop of color from flowers or greenery paired with the uniqueness of the sugar kettle adds a perfect Louisiana touch to any outdoor space.

Our Selection Of Sugar Kettles in Port Allen

With hundreds of Louisiana-style cast-iron and fiberglass sugar kettles in stock, we have the largest selection in the South. Additionally, our team can even ship them to you if you’re too far away to visit. Our unique Louisiana-style sugar kettles are available from 2′ to 7′ in both cast-iron and fiberglass. From outdoor products to home furnishings, Brian’s has something for everyone! 

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to call us at 225-346-0896 or fill out a form online. We look forward to providing the right sugar kettle for you.

Is your outdoor furniture up to par? Find new furniture with Brian's Furniture.

Outdoor Furniture: 5 Ways to Make Your Yard Beautiful

by briansfurniture |November 11, 2020 |2 Comments | Outdoor

Tired of looking out into your backyard and feeling like it needs a refresh? Not an expert on landscaping and gardening, but still want to spruce things up? Turn your dull backyard into a place to call home with the right outdoor furniture and accessories. Create a wonderful outdoor environment for relaxing and entertaining with Brian’s Furniture.

Patio Sets

When it comes to revamping your backyard or outdoor living space, the first step is proper patio furniture. The best place to start is with patio sets. Incorporating a beautiful patio set into your deck or patio space creates a central gathering place for your guests. Patio sets are available in a huge variety of styles, including cast aluminum. You can make them even more comfortable with the addition of colorful cushions. Add a large umbrella to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect outdoor meeting space for family and friends (and for outdoor dining too)!

Backyard Swings

When you think of a relaxing outdoor space, you might picture yourself lounging around with a cup of coffee on a cool morning. What better place to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather than a backyard swing? Whether you hang a swing from your porch or under a tree in your space, swings add a relaxing seating option to any yard.

Sugar Kettles

You may not have heard of sugar kettles before, but once you do, you’ll start getting loads of new ideas. Sugar kettles are available in both cast iron and fiberglass and have a multitude of uses. For example, they make incredible planters for large plants, amazing fire pits, or can be turned into water fountains. They make a striking focal point for large gardens or landscaped areas. Sugar kettles could even be turned into an outdoor fish tank if you’re aquatically inclined.

Outdoor Fountains

Few outdoor decorations can match the beauty of fountains. Whether you choose a small cast aluminum fountain or a decorative bronze fountain, they make a perfect addition to any outdoor landscape. Fountains are available in a variety of styles. They can be simple and decorative or even feature statues of birds, animals, children playing, and more. With so many styles out there, you’ll be able to find the perfect piece that not only reflects your personality but adds a peaceful focal point to any landscaping.

Outdoor Decorations

Once you take care of the essentials, it’s time to consider outdoor decorations for your space. Some decorations and accessories to consider include birdbaths, planters, decorative posts and pedestals, urns, and even wall art. 

Outdoor furnishings are available in hundreds of styles and can be personalized to every homeowner’s taste. This is where the real fun begins! Choosing the right decorations and accessories helps your backyard feel more like home and adds a touch of color to any space.

Create Your Perfect Yard at Brian’s Furniture

Ready to give your yard the refresh it deserves? Check out the fantastic selection at Brian’s Furniture in Port Allen. Take your outdoor spaces to the next level with the professionals.

Do you have the sugar kettles you need? Turn to Brian's Furniture.

The Sweet History Of Sugar Kettles

by briansfurniture |November 2, 2020 |42 Comments | Outdoor, Sugar Kettles

Jesuit priests brought sugarcane into south Louisiana in 1751. After some experimenting with growing sugarcane, a thriving sugar industry was made in Louisiana that continues today. The sugar kettle was born out of necessity and found on the Louisiana sugar plantations. Sugarcane was cooked down in these sugar kettles to produce sugar in a fast and efficient way. If you live in Louisiana, you’ve undoubtedly seen sugar kettles used in our local landscaping and architecture. Sugar kettles are especially evident in the southern cities of Louisiana, like New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

Cast Iron

Sugar kettles were used in 19th-century plantations where sugar cane was cooked down to produce sugar in these large iron pots. But this wasn’t a one-hit-wonder, these giant kettles had other uses as well. 

Because they’re typically made out of cast iron, they could withstand the heat. That meant cast iron sugar kettles could produce large amounts of food for the plantation. Eventually, using the sugar kettle to make sugar and food was phased out by other more efficient methods, so other uses were found.


Even though we don’t use sugar kettles to produce, this iconic symbol of Louisiana history has remained prevalent to this day. While the uses for sugar kettles changed, so did the materials used to make them. As sugar kettles transitioned into a more decorative role, fiberglass sugar kettles became a popular option. Because fiberglass is a lot lighter than cast iron, it’s easy to understand why one would choose this option while decorating.

Sugar Kettles Today

Sugar kettles have become an icon of Louisiana design and culture. Take New Orleans for example—they’re everywhere! From planters and fountains to simple estate ornaments, these sugar kettles are used in a variety of creative ways. Can’t wait to get your hands on one? Fret not, Brian’s Furniture has you covered. We have one of the largest selections of sugar kettles in the South!

Our Selection Of Sugar Kettles

With hundreds of Louisiana-style cast iron and fiberglass sugar kettles in stock, we have the largest selection in the South. Our team can even ship them to you if you’re too far away to visit. Our unique Louisiana-style sugar kettles are available from 2′ to 7′ in both cast iron and fiberglass. Wondering how to use them? They make beautiful planters or water fountains in nearly any yard. Or perhaps get your own cast iron kettle for a fire pit. From outdoor products to home furnishings, Brian’s has something for everyone! 

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to call us at 225-346-0896 or fill out a form online. We look forward to providing the right sugar kettle for you.