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Find unique patio furniture near Baton Rouge.

Where to Find Unique Patio Furniture Near Baton Rouge

by briansfurniture |June 28, 2021 |0 Comments | Outdoor

June marks the beginning of the summer months, and sunny weather means more time outside. Whether you’re enjoying the weather with your family or hosting a crawfish boil, you want your outdoor area to feel like home! One of the easiest ways to elevate your outdoor space is with the right patio furniture. If you’re in Baton Rouge and looking to update or replace your patio furniture, Brian’s Furniture can help!

The Importance of the Patio

Outdoor areas are an integral part of Southern culture. Known by many names, some refer to it as the sunroom, deck, porch, and in many cases, patio. Here at Brian’s, we know the importance of gathering. Over the past year, many of us have had to change the way that we get together. Our patios have become more than just an outdoor area—they’re also a place to escape. A patio can be a place to come together or even a place to unwind. Not to mention, patios are an all-weather outdoor venue. They have the ability to shield you from the heat and the rain. Outdoor heaters can help you enjoy your outdoor space during the colder months as well. Because your patio is such a versatile space, it’s a good idea to outfit it with reliable furniture! We want to help you make the most out of your patio.

What Is Patio Furniture?

Simply put, patio furniture can be any outdoor furniture. You may be wondering why there has to be a difference between outdoor and indoor furniture. The truth is that you can use all outdoor furniture inside. However, it would be best if you did not use indoor furniture outside. Why is that? The simple answer is that most textiles are too sensitive for the outdoors. Materials like leather and suede would discolor or warp due to the heat and moisture outside. Louisiana’s climate, in particular, would make this process happen faster.

Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture in Baton Rouge

Brian’s Furniture offers the largest selection of cast aluminum furniture and accessories in the South! From constant humidity to long hurricane seasons, Louisiana is used to wet weather. Inclement weather can speed up the aging process of sensitive materials. Indoor furniture wouldn’t survive even one Louisiana summer outside. Cast aluminum offers up a sturdy and elegant replacement! Did you know that cast aluminum is a Louisiana staple? It’s been a part of New Orleans-style furniture for years! Give your patio an elegant feel that’s sure to withstand the tests of time.

Brian’s Offers Unique Patio Furniture Near Baton Rouge

Whether you’re entertaining the kids or the whole family, we have something for you! From patio and bar sets to chaise lounges and sugar kettles, Brian’s has whatever you need to make your outdoor area feel like home. Whether you’re in Port Allen or Baton Rouge, Brian’s wants to be your Louisiana furniture store. Come by our showroom or visit us online to see our massive selection of patio furniture. Do you have any questions? Contact us today.

Shop our local furniture store near Baton Rouge!

3 Reasons to Choose Brian’s Furniture Store in Baton Rouge

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At Brian’s Furniture, we understand that investing in new furniture can be a big undertaking. As your trusted furniture store near Baton Rouge, we are committed to providing the best customer service and a unique shopping experience to our customers. We have been a part of the Port Allen and Baton Rouge community for 40 years, and our staff is invested in helping you find whatever you are looking for.

We are proud to be a local business, and we hope that you will come visit us in historic Downtown Port Allen! Whether you are refurnishing your living room, home office, or outdoor patio, our collections provide plenty of options.

What Are Your Reasons for Choosing Brian’s Furniture?

1. One-Stop-Shop for Furniture in Baton Rouge

Our home furnishings are perfect for creating a welcoming home. We have everything you need to complete your indoor and outdoor spaces. Our indoor selection includes living room, dining room, bedroom, and home office furniture.

When designing your patio, longevity is extremely important. Our large selection of cast aluminum outdoor furniture can stand strong against Louisiana weather. It can also create an element of sophistication for you and your guests. Additionally, our outdoor accessories and statuary selection can help make your outdoor entertainment area unique and fun.

With mattress choices from our Louisiana Collection, Sierra Sleep, and Ashley, we can save you a trip to the mattress store. We offer a variety of mattresses including memory foam, pillow-top, ultra plush, and innerspring. Brian’s also has many bed-frame options available. Find the right bed for you and your loved ones.

2. Custom Mailbox Delivery and Installation

Mailboxes can add a classic touch to your home. Our cast-aluminum mailboxes are rust-free and can come with custom hand-painted finishes. Our furniture store in Baton Rouge has hundreds of options that are sure to please. Our selection includes a wall mount, standard, double, center post, and newspaper holder mailboxes.

Additionally, cast aluminum can be welded. This allows us to repair and service your custom mailbox. No need to worry about new drivers hitting your mailbox! The majority of the time, we can repair your mailbox in-store.

3. Family Owned and Operated

Don’t choose a chain store! Our store is family-owned and operated and has been serving south Louisiana for 40 years. Brian Fourroux started this business with a small 5,000 square foot building. Our store now occupies a city-block. This space includes our main furniture store, large outdoor patio selection, and our cast-aluminum mailbox collection.

Searching for a Local Furniture Store Near Baton Rouge? 

Ready to change up your home? You can find us in historic Downtown Port Allen. Our furniture store is a convenient destination for residents in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas.

Are you ready to upgrade your furniture? We can help with indoor and outdoor selections and can assist you in choosing a new mattress as well. We also have a large in-store art collection to bring extra life to your home. Please come visit us at Brian’s Furniture in historic Downtown Port Allen! If you have any questions, give us a call at 225-346-0896 or contact us online. We look forward to helping you find the perfect piece.

Expect more from mattress stores in Port Allen!

You Deserve More From Mattress Stores in Port Allen

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When it comes to your mattress, there’s more to it than how firm it is. Especially if you’re sharing that bed with someone else. Everyone has their tastes and preferences. And with the rise of technology, we’re able to do much more with your mattress. So when you stop by your run-of-the-mill mattress stores in Port Allen, you know that you deserve much more. Discover what we can offer you at Brian’s Furniture!

Comfort However You Need

No matter what you’re out shopping for, you want to be able to find variety. That’s why we’re proud to offer a variety of mattresses in different types, sizes, and colors.

Mattresses have grown to include more than traditional materials. Today, you can find great materials to fit your needs at Brian’s Furniture. Take a look at your choice of standard, hybrid, innerspring, or foam mattresses. You could even get a set that goes together, along with your choice of box spring or bed frames.

Perhaps there’s a color you’d like to see on your mattress? At Brian’s, we have the traditional white mattress—but also mattresses featuring blue, black, brown, gray, or pink colors as well. 

Also, we have a size for everyone. From Twin to California King—we have you covered. However, when you’re looking to make more of your mattress, we have something useful for you. Say you need a sleeping space for two but only have a single mattress? Why not use one of our Split Queen, Split King, or Split California King mattresses? These mattresses split in two, allowing you to use either one or two depending on your needs!

At the end of the day, you deserve to sleep on the best mattress to suit your needs.

What Else We Can Offer at Brian’s Furniture

Like it says in the name, Brian’s Furniture offers more than mattresses so you can style your home to your liking. Grab a look at what we have for outdoor and home furnishings to further style your home.

Get the iconic New Orleans style you deserve for the outside of your home with the right sugar kettles, chaises, mailboxes, and more. These cast aluminum pieces are sure to catch eyes and add to your space.

But who says that the outdoors should have all the style? Brian’s has even more to offer inside the home. Change up your style depending on whatever room you want. We currently have furniture available for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, home offices, and accessories for those finishing touches. 

Expect More From Mattress Stores in Port Allen

When it comes to your comfort, you should expect more from mattress stores in Port Allen. That’s why we offer more to our customers! If you have any questions about our current mattresses or other furniture items in stock, give us a call. You can reach one of our professionals by calling 225-346-0896 or sending us your message online. We’re more than happy to help you find the comfort and style you need!

Looking for the best cast aluminum fountains in Louisiana? see how we can help!

Why You Should Own a Cast Aluminum Fountain

by briansfurniture |May 27, 2021 |1 Comments | Outdoor

For many of us, when we hear the words “cast aluminum,” the first thing that comes to mind isn’t usually patio furniture, mailboxes, and fountains. Yet, there are several benefits of owning cast aluminum over other metals, especially when it comes to purchasing a fountain for your yard. 

Cast aluminum fountains, particularly ones found in Louisiana, are incomparable. They add an elegant touch to any home patio or garden. In fact, many Louisiana cast aluminum fountains are centerpieces for shallow pools and sugar kettles. 

Learn more about the benefits of purchasing a cast aluminum fountain in Louisiana from Brian’s Furniture. We offer one of the largest selections of cast aluminum outdoor furniture and accessories in the South

Why You Should Choose a Cast Aluminum Fountain in Louisiana

The reason cast aluminum fountains are so special is that each piece is made by pouring melted aluminum into a mold of any desired shape. Louisiana cast aluminum fountains can include designs ranging anywhere from a unique fleur de lis to swans

Many other benefits guarantee you that choosing cast aluminum is the best option. Some of these include their unique designs, durability, and how easy they are to take care of compared to other materials. So not only are you finding the best looking option, but you’re also saving yourself time and money with future upkeep.

Low Maintenance

Cast aluminum often lasts anywhere from 15-20 years. This is because the material has such great durability! And while we all love the state, Louisiana weather can be pretty unpredictable. This is why it’s important to buy a fountain that can withstand anything Mother Nature can throw at you. Additionally, cast aluminum is the preferred choice for fountains over cast iron because of its resistance to rust. Other metals, specifically when used in fountains, rust at a much faster rate. Aluminum is also incredibly strong and durable. You’ll never have to worry about pieces chipping, peeling, or scratching off.

Outdoor temperatures tend to skyrocket in Louisiana during the summer months. Unlike other metals, cast aluminum doesn’t absorb that heat. You never have to worry about your fountain or patio furniture becoming extremely hot and can enjoy your summer to the fullest. 

Unique Designs

Fountains are often the staple of any garden or patio. They add a certain element of unmatched elegance and beauty. Cast aluminum fountains take this elegance and beauty to a different level! Because the aluminum is cast in a variety of molds, the options are endless and unlike any other piece. Additionally, the designs in Louisiana are unique to the state and have a flair to them that makes them extraordinary. Give yourself the yard you know you deserve. 

Find Cast Aluminum Fountains in Louisiana at Brian’s Furniture

If you are looking to add an eye-catching piece to your patio or garden, head over to Brian’s Furniture. Our selection of cast aluminum pieces is one of the largest in the South. This includes our extensive cast aluminum fountain collection.

Your purchase from Brian’s Furniture is sure to last and be enjoyed for many years to come! If you have any questions for us, feel free to give us a call at 225-346-0896. We’re more than happy to help you.

Find the perfect decorative water fountains in Baton Rouge.

Our Selection Of Decorative Water Fountains In Baton Rouge

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At Brian’s Furniture, we offer one of the largest selections of decorative water fountains in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. From bronze and cast-aluminum finishes to our multi-tiered rain rock foundations, Brian’s Furniture has something for everyone, no matter your taste. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of decorative water fountains we offer!

Bronze Fountains

From curved neck cranes to alligators, our selection of bronze fountain figures is a menagerie of local Louisiana wildlife. But that’s not all we offer! With bronze statuettes resembling mermaids, lady’s with jars, and children—there is certainly something for everyone at Brian’s Furniture. 

Our bronze fountains come ready for your pump installation. We can help you figure out the right size kettle and pump to use with each of our fountains so that you can obtain your ideal setup. These bronze-finished fountains will certainly add a level of charm and beauty to your flourishing landscape. 

Cast Aluminum Fountains

Our tiered cast-aluminum fountains will never rust and when placed in a shallow pool or kettle, add a New Orleans flair to any water feature. These decorative water fountains in Baton Rouge are truly an iconic Louisiana staple. From multi-tiered decorative bowls to more quaint and subtle designs such as this venus, or other animals and wildlife, Brian’s Furniture has something for everyone.

Rain Rock Fountains

Our selection of Rain Rock Fountains is unmatched. We offer multiple tiered levels of rain rocks ranging from 3-level rain rocks up to 8-level rain rocks for larger fountains. These rain rock fountains are made of copper tubing and rock slates. The beauty and the sound of this fountain will be a welcome addition to your landscape, especially in your cast iron or fiberglass sugar kettle. And of course, the water pump is included regardless of whichever Rain Rock Fountain you decide on.

Bring your backyard garden or landscape to life with the sound and aesthetic of flowing water. Moving water also attracts small animals such as birds and small insects. These Rain Rock spouts for your fountain are the perfect solution for bringing your landscape to life. If you have any questions as to what type of fountain would be right for your yard, feel free to contact us today!

Trust Brian’s Furniture For Your Decorative Water Fountains In Baton Rouge

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Baton Rouge or the surrounding area, Brian’s Furniture has everything you need when it comes to decorative water fountains. Our bronze, cast aluminum, and rain rock fountains make for beautiful Louisiana-inspired centerpieces to your patio or courtyard, especially when paired with one of our replica cast iron or fiberglass sugar kettles. 

Additionally, our team can also ship any decorative water fountain to you if you’re too far away to visit. Our unique selection of decorative water fountains makes it certain you’ll find a style you will love. From outdoor products to home furnishings, Brian’s has something for everyone! Have a question? Don’t hesitate to call us at 225-346-0896 or fill out a form online. We look forward to providing the right decorative water fountain for you.

And outdoor furniture store serving Baton Rouge.

What Can You Find At Our Outdoor Furniture Store?

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Now that it’s getting hotter outside, it’s time for some outdoor fun! But for a lot of homeowners, it’s either time to replace their old outdoor furniture or simply get something new to fill the space. However, where do you begin? What makes something an outdoor furniture piece? These are all questions that we’re more than happy to help you with at our outdoor furniture store near Baton Rouge. Find the information you need, and then pick up your new piece at Brian’s Furniture. \

What Makes “Outdoor Furniture?”

As we said before in a previous blog, outdoor furniture can be for both inside and outside use. However, what really matters is the materials. With the wrong materials, your furniture may need replacement more often than you’d think—wasting a lot of money. That’s why we use materials such as cast aluminum to get the job done right and with style!

Why Cast Aluminum?

Living in Louisiana, we all know how Mother Nature can be. All of the rain, humidity, bugs, debris, and even the occasional hailstorm can really put a damper on certain types of material. Imagine putting your new sectional outside—the leather on it probably won’t last long. Mother Nature doesn’t really care how much you spent on it. So that’s why you need to use the right materials for your outside furniture. Luckily, cast aluminum is the perfect material that will weather the elements the longest. And because this material has been used in New Orleans-style objects for so long, it also fits the unique aesthetic of the area. So with our outside furniture, you can find the timeless look that your patio or backyard needs.

Anything Other Than Cast Aluminum?

Of course, cast aluminum isn’t the only material we offer. We understand that some would like something a little bit more colorful. While not as durable, plastic can offer a splash of color and last a lot longer than fabrics. So if you’re looking for any plastic products for your child or just a splash of color that will last, we suggest looking at our recycled plastic products as well in your search.

What We Have Available

We have such a wide selection at Brian’s Furniture that you’ll be surprised what you can find here! Find the right New Orleans-style patio sets, chairs, loveseats, and more. Are you looking just for one piece? We have that. If you’re looking for an entire set—we have that too. Brian’s Furniture has what you need so you can find the style you want, closer to home. 

Get What You Want From Our Outdoor Furniture Store

Are you ready to make the right choice for your home? If so, it’s time to visit Brian’s Furniture! If you live in the Baton Rouge area, feel free to visit us in Port Allen. And if you have any questions for our team before you want to make the drive, give us a call at 225-346-0896. We look forward to helping you find the perfect piece!

Find beautiful custom mailboxes in Baton Rouge.

Where to Buy Custom Mailboxes in Baton Rouge | Brian’s Furniture

by briansfurniture |March 26, 2021 |0 Comments | Blogs, Decorative Mailboxes

Brian’s Furniture Has the Best Selection of Custom Mailboxes in Baton Rouge

If you’re looking for custom mailboxes in Baton Rouge, you’ve come to the right place. Brian’s Furniture offers a wide selection of custom mailboxes in a variety of styles and custom features. Getting your brand new custom mailbox is as simple as choosing your favorite style and finish and letting us do the rest! We even have a service by The Mailbox Guy™ to help you install your custom mailbox right away. With hundreds of mailboxes in stock, we offer an extensive selection including wall mount, standard, and double mailbox styles. All of our mailboxes are available in various finishes, including custom hand-painted antique finishes. 

Your Mailbox, Your Style

At Brian’s Furniture, we understand you have specific design needs for your home. This is why we provide our customers the service of creating custom mailboxes for their Baton Rouge home. With a great variety of stylization and customization available, Brian’s Furniture has or can help create the perfect mailbox for your home.

Rural Post — This is the perfect choice for those who routinely receive letters and small packages. These mailboxes have the iconic “hanging” box coming off one side of the mailbox post.

Center Post — Again this is a great choice for those who routinely receive letters and small packages. The difference is in the aesthetic behind the design. Center posts mailboxes are centered in their design, giving a more symmetrical appearance.

Double — The double is a great option for neighboring houses to utilize, featuring two stylish mailboxes joined on a single post. 

Wall Mount — When you want your mail delivered directly to your door, the wall mount style can meet your needs in one gorgeous and affordable package.

Newspaper Holder — A newspaper holder is the perfect addition to our custom mailboxes in Baton Rouge. Allowing a slot for newspapers is not only visually appealing but it provides functionality for the daily consumer.

Large — Our large decorative mailboxes are an ideal pick for homes that receive packages regularly. Frequent online shoppers, this is the one for you.

There are plenty of unique styles available in-store and on our website. We offer a variety of mailboxes that you can choose from, so you can find one that most appeals to your personal style.

Our Selection of Custom Mailboxes in Baton Rouge

With a large variety of cast aluminum mailboxes in stock, Brian’s Furniture offers one of the largest selections of custom mailboxes in Baton Rouge. We even come out to your house and help you install your custom cast iron mailbox. Additionally, our team can also ship them to you if you’re too far away to visit. Our unique selection of cast aluminum mailboxes makes it certain you’ll find a style you will love. From outdoor products to home furnishings, Brian’s has something for everyone! 

Have a question? Don’t hesitate to call us at 225-346-0896 or fill out a form online. We look forward to providing the right cast iron mailbox for you.

Choosing great patio furniture in Baton Rouge.

Choosing the Right Patio Furniture With Brian’s Furniture

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No matter if you’re new to decorating a patio or a well-seasoned warrior who is unsure about the change that they want—we are here to help! We understand it can be difficult to find the right patio furniture that you’re looking for. After all, a patio is one of the first things that people see when they stop by or pass your house. So take control of your home’s style and find the right furniture for you at Brian’s Furniture.

What Is “Patio Furniture?”

In some parts of America, not all words mean the same things, and some words are interchangeable. Take a look at the word “soda,” for example. Some parts of the country may say “pop” or even “cola.” The same sort of thing goes towards “patio furniture.” What we call “patio furniture” some others may call “garden furniture” or simply “outdoor furniture.” 

But what would classify as “patio furniture” in Louisiana? Some may say a porch swing, a rocking chair, or even something made out of cast iron or aluminum. However, as long as it’s outdoor furniture, anything could technically be a patio furniture piece. It all depends on your situation and what style you’re going for.

What We Have to Offer at Brian’s Furniture

When it comes to patios, you want things to match not only for aesthetics but to make things easier for everyone. That’s what makes our patio sets great! You can find great Louisiana-style furniture that looks great on your patio and suits the whole family or guests. One great example is our 7 Piece 101” Oval Fleur de Lis Patio Set. You can combine this beautiful table from our Fleur de Lis Collection with six chairs of your choice to make the right look for you. And because the entire set is made of rust-free cast aluminum, you don’t have to worry about the rain soaking your furniture. We also have similar pieces just like this that come in the size you need to entertain your family and friends. 

Depending on the type of patio, there might be other choices available to you. One fan-favorite choice is the iconic porch swing. This sensational Southern choice is great for nearly every family. Read a book with a gentle sway, have a nice conversation with the family, or even take a nap outside! 

And these aren’t the only choices you have for your patio furniture. We also have a wide variety of rocking pieces, bar sets, chaises, and more. Find the style you need for your home with the professionals from Brian’s Furniture. We’re sure your guests will love your new iconic style!

Find the Right Patio Furniture for You

Are you ready to begin creating your unique style? If so, it’s time to get in touch with Brian’s Furniture. If you have any questions for us, feel free to contact us either by giving us a call at 225-346-0896 or by sending us a message online. We’re more than happy to help you find the right furniture for your patio needs.

outdoor living furniture baton rouge

The Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Living Furniture

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There are just some things that many people don’t question. For example, many people don’t question the idea that ice goes in a freezer. Many people also don’t question that baby blue is a spring color. Additionally, many people also do not question what makes a piece of furniture an indoor item or an outdoor living furniture item. Why is that? Surely a part of you may question it. Let’s settle the conversation and even help you find the right furniture for your Baton Rouge home!

What Are the Differences? 

Let’s jump right in! The biggest difference has to come from the fact that outdoor and indoor furniture are usually made from different materials. When it comes to indoor furniture, we usually use wood, soft fabrics, glass, and more. Overall, these materials are much softer and more comfortable but can be easily destroyed due to negligence or weathering. On the other hand, outdoor living furniture usually is made of much sturdier substances. For example, if you go look outside at any outdoor living furniture, you may find materials such as cast iron, plastic, stone, and other sturdy and strong materials.

If you’re wondering why these materials have to be sturdy, it’s simply to withstand the effects of the outside environment. After all, it would be a pain to drag pieces in and out, especially if they’re large, impossible-to-move pieces of furniture. And this would happen a lot as residents of Louisiana! Could you imagine how many times you’d have to drag in the patio furniture with the amount of rain we receive? 

Of course, you could place an indoor piece outside (or even vice-versa!), as there’s no law against it. But we advise against the idea, as your indoor pieces would suffer from the effects of rain, humidity, critters, and more. 

What Makes Our Outdoor Living Furniture Special? 

At Brian’s Furniture, we design our pieces with our customer’s needs and wants in mind. That’s why we’re YOUR Louisiana store. If you grab a look at our outdoor living furniture, you can see a grand array of pieces that will bring a Southern shine to nearly any home. 

Some pieces of furniture that you might see include truly special pieces like our chairs. Get something Louisiana-styled to make the perfect Southern backyard or even something eye-catching to create the zany patio you’ve always wanted. And if you don’t know where to really start, we also have a number of patio sets to help you begin. Start your backyard journey today with Brian’s Furniture!

Have a Question About Our Outdoor Living Furniture?

Are you ready to make a difference in your outdoor living space? Grab a look at what we have to offer at Brian’s Furniture and begin your process! Unsure where to begin or have a question about what we have in stock? Not a problem. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-259-0896 or send us a message online. We’re more than happy to help you find the right outdoor furniture for your home. Let’s get the look you’re going for.

mattress stores near me baton rouge

Brian’s Furniture Gives You an Excellent Mattress Selection and So Much More

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Mattresses are an important part of our homes that many of us often take for granted. Because it’s something we use each day, it’s easy to ignore some of the signs that let us know it’s time for a replacement. But, when you get a new, high-quality mattress, you’re likely to notice the difference immediately. Also, switching from an old or inferior mattress to something bigger and better can bring so many benefits. It can provide everything from superior support and cooler temperatures to improved comfort and a better night’s rest. If you’re looking for mattress stores near you in Baton Rouge, it’s time to explore the impressive selection at Brian’s Furniture. Ready to swap out your mattress for something better? Brian’s Furniture offers incredible options at affordable prices. 

Get the Mattress You Deserve

If you’ve been looking for mattress stores in Baton Rouge for your next purchase, the search is over. When you want to take your sleeping experience to the next level, Brian’s Furniture is ready to help. And if you want the crème de la crème, it’s time to explore our Louisiana Collection. 

These mattresses are made with care in the United States and feature stunning craftsmanship. Each one is packed with excellent features to improve your quality of sleep. And they include a 1.5” super-soft quilted layer embellished with golden fleur-de-lis. In addition, they also come with a 10-year limited warranty to help you rest even easier.

Brian’s Furniture Bienville Plush Double-Sided Mattress

From top to bottom, this is a double-sided mattress that has it all. It’s made from natural, soy-based CertiPUR materials. And it offers low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) emissions, promoting healthier air quality in your home. But, the difference you’ll notice from the get-go is the extra-firm Bonnell innerspring. In addition, there’s also the 1.25” super-soft HD foam and the 1.25” convoluted foam. These elements combined make for a mattress that redefines relaxation and comfort. And it’s also designed to keep you cooler at night—perfect for Louisiana weather. The mattress measures 14”, with a foundation measuring 9” and a height of 23”.

Brian’s Furniture Iberville Firm Double-Sided Mattress

This mattress shares many of the great features of the Bienville version. It’s made of soy-based CertiPUR materials. And it also has an extra firm Bonnell innerspring to give you the support you need. But it features 2” of super-firm HD foam, which some sleepers may prefer. And it measures at 13” with a 9” foundation and a height of 22”. Like every product in our Louisiana Collection, the Iberville Firm Double-Sided Mattress is created with the finest quality to provide maximum comfort. So, if you prefer a mattress that provides extra support with additional firmness, this is the one for you.

Looking for Mattress Stores Near You in Baton Rouge? Find Out What a Difference a Mattress From Brian’s Furniture Can Make

When it’s time for a new mattress, you want something that will keep you comfortable for years to come. And our Louisiana Collection provides you with quality choices backed up by a 10-year limited warranty. Additionally, we also offer several other high-quality mattresses that can enhance your sleeping experience. Want to look at our selection yourself? Visit our store in Port Allen. And, if you have any questions, get in touch at 225-346-0896 or send us a message online. We want you to start sleeping better, sooner.